Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and what it means for Car Fax, flooded cars and con artist used car dealers

The weather reports are now saying that the tropical storm Gustav is now a strengthening category 1 hurricane and that by the time it hits the left side of Cuba it could even become a category 4 hurricane. For those of you that don't know already, a category 3 hurricane is classified as a major hurricane capable of producing massive destruction like Hurricane Wilma, Katrina and others.

Not only could Gustav become a category 4 prior to entering the Gulf of Mexico, but it could even strengthen and enlargen more through the gulf. Then it is projected to barrel down near New Orleans and Louisiana. This is an area that still hasn't fully recovered from the last one - Katrina. The city of New Orleans and the surrounding area are mostly very low lying lands or even under sea level. Last time a major hurricane hit this area, the resulting floods ruined hundreds of thousands of cars and many of those have ended up back on the streets with little to show their previous flood history.

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Flood cars are very dangerous because the water damage will cause corrosion of parts that are internal and are not meant to be exposed to the elements. These parts can easily include hoses, electrical lines, etc... The problem with flood cars is that things will break down and go wrong and usually when you least expect them too. What happens if you are driving down the road and all of a sudden your brakelights stop working due to an electrical short caused by frayed or corroded wires? What if your headlights stop working at night due to a similar electrical glitch?
That could easily result in a terrible accident.

These things and more occur quite often with previously flooded cars so they must be avoided. By purchasing a CarFax or Experian auto check one can better find out the vehicles history and avoid flood damaged vehicles. Now with Hurricane Gustav barreling down on the same area there will inevitably be another resulting sharp increase in flood damaged vehicles being resold and buyers being left out as to the vehicles true history. A CarFax is essential to any buyer of a used car or truck.

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Greg H. said...

Well, right after that hurricane is tropical storm Hanna and there is another couple of developments in the gulf after that. There is the potential for several big or major hurricanes to hit the gulf states and inflict some serious or even record damage. Be ready for gas prices to hit $5 per gallon in the near short term.

Greg H. said...

Well, I was off a little - it hadn't quite reached $5 here, but I can see $4.09 everywhere I go. And the price after Hurricane Ike went through Texas and the oil refineries was around $4.29 and up to $4.50's. I can't wait until gas prices come back down to $1.30 per gallon again (wishful thinking, huh?)