Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Craigslist Raleigh, North Carolina, free car and truck classifieds and saving money!

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and a bustling economic and business area. It is also, unfortunately as of late, best known along with nearby Durham for the Duke lacrosse team case, Prosectutor Mike NiFong’s ineptness and the irreverent Al Sharpton and his proclamation that the Duke lacrosse team defendents were guilty and their racist crimes were atrocious when in fact it was all made up (similar in fact to a 20 year earlier trial of Tawana Brawley which was also found to be made up. Al Sharpton along with two assisting attorneys (Maddox and Mason) were successfully sued for slander). The Raleigh – Durham metro area is a beautiful sprawling area with lots to offer and it does not need to be tainted in this way. Raleigh is also becoming well known for its local Raleigh Craigslist website.

What is the local Raleigh Craigs List you ask and why do I care? Well, it can easily save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on everything from auto repairs to routine shopping and more. Regardless of where your interests and desires lie, there is something for everyone on the Raleigh version of the national Craigslist. Are you looking for a good, cheap and reliable used car? There are many to choose from. And the best part is that with unlimited words and pictures you can really get a good feel for what you are looking at before you really expend any time on it – where as before with the local newspapers you had little idea and had to call the seller and then go and look at it. This usually led to a lot of wasted time as many of these would end up not being quite what they were made out to be.

The Raleigh Craigslist saves you time with posts of all kinds of items for sale and services with pictures and great descriptions. Also, the website is locally regulated by its own community. If there are junk or spam posts they will usually get flagged down and removed very quickly. Craigslisters tend to be very adamant about self policing the site and will not stand for any scams or spam (this is unlike the local newspaper classifieds where many of the classifieds listing especially under business ideas and such are complete scams).

Cloudy headlights make it hard to see at night!

With the Raleigh craigslist you can save on just about everything you can imagine. My wife even saved a ton and learned how to save huge on Mary Kay cosmetic products. Rather than buying them through your local Mary Kay representative look these same products up on Craigslist and on websites like Ebay and Amazon.com. You will find thousands of ex Mary Kay representatives that found the promises of easy money were just delusions and that they are selling what’s left of their inventory at huge discounts. Whether you look on Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon.com for Mary Kay products you will find every product, kit, etc… offered from Mary Kay at around 80% off regular prices or more. Shoot at these savings and the plethora of inventory from the millions of ex reps, the Mary Kay reps would be better off going into business for themselves and keeping all of the profits and underselling all the other Mary Kay reps.

Another great way to save money is with services. Rather than going to your local new car dealer and paying through the roof for your car repairs, browse through the local Raleigh craigslist automotive services section. There are hundreds of posts from the same mechanics that work at your local new car dealerships, but they are moonlighting for extra cash and are offering their services at huge discounts. These aren’t fly by night mechanics. I personally have used mechanics from Craigslist and had them show up with their same uniform from a local new car dealership on as they just got off of work. Another nice benefit is that they get parts cheaper with their employee discount and most will gladly pass this savings on to you.

Do you want to see some of the items that various flea markets will be offering before you travel all over to look? With $4 per gallon gas this is very helpful – just look for similar sales and events and most will have pictures and huge descriptions of all the items available (unlike the regular newspaper classifieds which don’t tell you much at all). This way you can best judge which sales to go to and which would be a complete waste of time. Who wants to travel all over town to look at junk they have no interest in whatsoever?

Are you in the market for some cheap art work or nice antiques? How about an oriental rug for your living room? A sleeper sofa for your family room incase of extra guests? A leather recliner for those days when you come home tired from work and just want to relax? How about a licensed massage therapist to go with that leather recliner? Someone to fix your computer and make it run faster or recover data from that hard drive that just crashed? Do you want someone to come and mow, trim and blow your lawn for a great price? How about some landscaping like installing a few trees and bushes or making a rock wall or border? Need a new deck or some pressure washing?
It’s all on Craigslist and at a fraction of the price of what you would pay through regular business listings found through the Yellow Pages or Angie’s List (it is important to note that consumers pay to use Angie’s List and then again through the contractors whom are also billed for using the service and then pass it on to the consumers through higher prices). I have used various contractors both through services like Angie’s List and through Craigslist and found the quality of work to be the same, but the prices to be around 50% or more cheaper through Craigslist.

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Manny T. said...

Great idea! I live in Los Angeles California and the same stuff works for here too. I just checked the local LA craigslist and found over 100 certified technicians that do house calls and at great savings over the car dealership. Great idea, great site and great resource. Thanks.

Butch and Cici said...

Craigslist rots ass! Its full of scams. Just look at all the listings for water to gas conversions and such. These products have been proven by Popular mechanics staff and the mythbusters show to not be effective at all.