Sunday, August 24, 2008

Amazing stuff you can find for sale in Craigslist car and truck section

Here's a picture I found in craigslist as I was just looking around and seeing what is out there. It was a little different and so it caught my eye. I thought you might think it was funny:

Does this car look hot or stolen to you? At least it's on jacks and not on milk crates or rocks. I would include the rest of the craigslist listing, but I cannot seem to find it. Maybe it has already been flagged off or something.

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Anonymous said...

Craigslist does have some crazy stuff out there. You should also check Google streetview - there's some really zany things in there - stuff like people going into strip bars, people in their swimming pools, etc...

California cars said...

Looks like a Google streetview photo of Compton or somewhere in San Francisco. I have seen many stolen and similarly stripped cars. You know one place that had a lot of cars like that was in Jacksonville Florida. Right as you are driving along I95 and cross the river (inlet) and the construction starts, down below you it looks like an absolute ghetto and war zone.